Cornell Lab Science Curriculum Kits

“My favorite thing about the eBird Explorers Kit is that it is adaptable across all ages, not just K–2. It introduces the fundamental concepts of bird identification in a way that even the littlest kids can begin to grasp. “Crow Not Crow” is a brilliant way for kids to get their feet wet and begin to fall in love with birding, instead of thinking it is too hard. I love it!”

- Workshop Attendee

eBird Explorers Kits

This curriculum suite provides educators with hands-on lessons that connect students to nature and grade-appropriate content through eBird, a global participatory science project.

Habitat Connections Kit

This kit is designed for grades 3–8 and introduces students to their local environment through games, hands-on activities, in-depth lessons, and participatory science projects.

Owl Pellet Kits

Want to teach the food web in an engaging way? These kits include a food web tangle activity that gets students out of their seats and a math component using science content.

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Free shipping for online orders over $199! Some exclusions apply.

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